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Karanbir Singh Dhaliwal


this is Karanbir Singh Dhaliwal , a native of Batala, Punjab, India. I’m in 1st course of General Medicine studying in KhNMU, Kharkov.

Some of my favorite hobbies are: watching movies, playing volleyball .My favourite book is Jumangi and my favourite writer being William Wordsworth.

After my high school, I was wondering about my future , when I suddenly came across Dr. Sandhu while I was surfing over internet. Sir’s contact came across me and after that I talked about my higher studies with my parents and they went to meet Dr. Karan Sandhu sir in Life Line Hospital where Karan sir was giving information about MBBS in Ukraine in a sort of a seminar, where he gave a very convincing speech to everyone about education in Ukraine. He acted as a good travelling agent providing us with all paperwork

And all the events like interview , airport departure was all under his control .I personally like him as he performed his duty willingly , wholeheartedly and with dedication .We were provided with everything that was promised by him. He guide us as a teacher, a friend, an elder sibling whenever required. In short I’m completely satisfied with his honesty of words. About my personal experience here in Ukraine I would like to tell that I meet new people every day and they ask me about my turban and my religion. Overall it’s very interesting to be here in this country of people of different culture.

May 16, 2017