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Edu-pedia Overseas is the worldwide pioneer in recruitment of medical students, and an representative of the top and most moderate European Medical Universities, Dental Universities and Veterinary Universities spotted in Ukraine, Germany, China, associated with these through official organization partnership.

Recently, the popularity of medicine courses has expanded, while the places offered around the world by Medical Universities remains limited leading to higher tuition fees and increased competition. The mounting expenses of getting a medical education keep on burdening medical students and their families, as numerous students leave school as they charge more fees often five-figure obligation. Study Medicine abroad can help complete your scholastic dreams and recommend your expert future, beginning with ensuring a place for your study medicine abroad, in English-taught programs, at the best most reasonable European medical schools!

Study Medicine Europe coordinates with a number of authorizes and legitimate European Universities located in Ukraine. They offer the best medical education with affordable fees due to these nations’ low living expense. Believe it or not, based on its decade-long involvement here, Study Medicine in Ukraine offers premium administrations, yet not at a premium, and can help you secure a position in one of these colleges.

At the point when picking where to study solution in Europe, in English-taught programs, we know it is crucial for you to study at the most trustworthy universities. All Universities that we authoritatively represent are certify foundations, perceived globally and are high positioning, recorded in all known catalogs of universally famous medical schools (WHO, IMED, and so forth.). Hence, after graduation obtaining a specialization, medical professionals require not take exams to look for work in any EU nation, India and the dominant part of nations around the world.

We are the overseas agency that helps students everywhere throughout the world secure a place at an European Medical University and supporting them all through the span of their studies until graduation. Through Study Medicine in Ukraine you can study medicine in English and appreciate: Guaranteed Entry with high or low score; No doorway examination; Affordable educational fees (beginning at £800/ €1,000 yearly); Low Living Costs (averaging £4,000/ €5,000 for every year); and additionally Financial support.

Medical courses offered by medical university in Ukraine?

According to overall supervision of the Ukrainian Medical council, some standards are sets for all undergraduate of medicine, for every medical university, medical faculty and each medical university has its own syllabus and regulations for the course of study medicine in Ukraine.

There are mainly three approaches of medical education provided at medical university. Each course has different methods of teaching so that it can be helpful for students while selecting a course which suits you. It is always suggested that one must has to obtain a copy of the syllabus from medical universities by contacting them directly. Three approaches are as following:

1. Traditional pre-clinical and clinical course

Medical university in Ukraine offers pre-clinical courses that has training program of two years included pre-clinical work and study of basic medical science. This is followed by clinical courses which is approximately of three years during this period students has to work in hospital wards under the supervision of doctors/nurses. During third year students also attend lectures on all aspects of medical practice.

2. Integrated course

Integrated courses are now implemented in majority of medical universities. In integrated courses, previously learned subjects at the pre-clinical and clinical stages are very helpful. Teaching methods at Ukrainian universities include problem-based learning which is patient-oriented approach where students expect to see patients from beginning of the courses. Here students have given medical cases in a group which is guided by a professor so that students can gain deep knowledge about human body. Mainly group work helps students develop communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, personal responsibility and respect for others. Medical universities in Ukraine also offer this style of course include Kharkov National Medical University, O.O Bogomolets National Medical University, V.N Karazin National University

3. Multi or inter-professional learning

There are also many medical universities in Ukraine which focus on multi or inter-professional learning. Multi professional learning methods involve two or more professions learning the same content side by side. It means not only to focus on the subject matter but also on the practitioners work. It include developing respect for other professions, appreciation of working in different ways, communication skills, trust and the strengths of a diverse workforce. All these courses are studies by those students who study medicine in Ukraine universities. Call us at : +918687022022

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Mainly Russian and Ukrainian is spoken. People know English as well.


Simple application and admission process,
Possibility of studying in English
Low tuition fees and living cost,
Multicultural environment enriching and expanding student life and sense of life,
Good quality of education,


Yes and No! It depends on your location in Ukraine.
Only a few parts in Ukraine are unstable right now.
Our students still study in different cities in Ukraine and can verify this information.Please contact us fur further details!


Everyone needs to pass the MCI test!That is why you should select a good university…not only to pass the MCI test BUT to be a good doctor!
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