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Kharkiv University

City Kharkiv
Country Ukraine
Degree Awarded Bachelor of Economics and Business
Duration 4 years
Language of Instruction English
Semester Start 01/09/2019
Last date to apply 01-09-2019
Study Fee 2500-3000$ per Year

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Kharkiv National University of Economic is a state higher educational institution of the highest IV level of accreditation, it is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. Today Kharkiv National University of Economics is a leading specialized higher educational institution in the East of Ukraine, which provides full range of educational services implementing multistage training, retraining and further training for specialists in 26 specialties.


There are 5 faculties, 34 departments, higher schools, Center of Post-Graduate education, magistracy of state service, the specialized academic councils on the defense of theses for receiving scientific degree of Doctor or Candidate of Science in Economics, educational and scientific-research laboratories, a computer centre, a scientific and technical library, publishing house, sports complexes in the University.

The students of KhNUE have an opportunity to undergo training in the leading national industrial enterprises, financial, consulting and other companies. While studying, students receive language training at general and optional courses, they may study English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Polish languages.

KhNuE is the participant of a number of international educational programs and projects. The universities of France, Greece, Poland, Turkey, China, Viet Nam became the official partners of KhNUE. The accordance of the University to the modern educational standards was confirmed by the invitation to join the Magna Charta Universitatum – the prestigious universities organisations of the world with headquarters in the city. Bologna (Italy) – September 18, 2004.

At the University students get fundamental training, which allows them to make and implement effective decisions in the spectrum of contemporary economic issues, including choice of competitive products, the assessment of the effectiveness of investment projects and technical and organizational level of production, development of strategy of development of the enterprise, activity planning, the organization of production and work, marketing research, a deep economic analysis, etc.

KhNUE graduates successfully provide the HR need of leading public, private and joint stock companies of the country, they work in scientific and research institutes and higher educational establishments, banks and state administration bodies, in the tourist companies and in small and average business in sphere of service, ensuring of international activities, they plan and design infrastructure of enterprises, cities, regions.

Every student studying at KNMU undergoes one year of clinical rotations in subjects such as Internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology and other additive subjects during their final year of education.

The certificate for the same can be obtained from Ukrainian Medical Council and EduPedia Overseas helps its students to obtain the same.

The Internship declares any student completing the curriculum as a complete doctor and the same is accepted all over the world except India.

In India a student has to finish his screening test and undergo a compulsory rotator internship in India before he/she gets his permanent registration in Medical Council of India or license to practice as a physician.

1. Age 18 to 30 years
2. High school graduates (or equivalent)
3. Healthy
4. Non-criminal record

Application Materials:

Eligibility requirement as mentioned by eligibility certificate regulations of Medical Council of India
Higher secondary certificate with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as subjects
Passport copy
Date of birth certificate
Complete application form

Please check with the Authorities in your country or consult EduPedia overseas.

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