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Khakiv University

City Kharkiv
Country Ukraine
Degree Awarded Aircraft and Rocket Engineering...
Duration 4 years
Language of Instruction English
Semester Start 01/09/2018
Last date to apply 01/08/2018
Study Fee 3000$ per Year

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KhAI was founded in 1930. Its history is closely connected with the development of aircraft engineering and science. The University is famous for its creation of the first in Europe high-speed airplane with a retractable landing gear and the creation of the design of the turbojet engine developed by teacher of the KhAI A. M. Liulka who afterwards became the academician and designer of many structures of aircraft engines including the engine of the aircraft Su-27.

KhAI is a unique higher educational institution where the airplanes developed by the Institute Design Burean under the supervision of professor I. G. Neman were produced serially at the aircraft plants and run on passenger airlines.


The KhAI is a co-executor of some programs which are carried out with universities and companies of USA, Japan, Germany, France, Mexico and Chine. The University takes part in the program of creation of “Alfa” international space station.

In 1992 the KhAI resumed the training of foreign students over 500 foreign citizens from 40 countries of Asia, Africa and America are trained annually at the University.

KhAI covers a separate territory of the city in the forest-part zone, its area amounts to about 25 hectares. The University has 8 academic buildings, research institute and laboratories, library will 1 ml volume in stock, campus, sporty complex, swimming pool, first medical aid, dining halls, bank, children garden, etc.

Please ask us for further information after you decided which course you would like to select

Every student studying at KNMU undergoes one year of clinical rotations in subjects such as Internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology and other additive subjects during their final year of education.

The certificate for the same can be obtained from Ukrainian Medical Council and EduPedia Overseas helps its students to obtain the same.

The Internship declares any student completing the curriculum as a complete doctor and the same is accepted all over the world except India.

In India a student has to finish his screening test and undergo a compulsory rotator internship in India before he/she gets his permanent registration in Medical Council of India or license to practice as a physician.

1. Age 18 to 30 years
2. High school graduates (or equivalent)
3. Healthy
4. Non-criminal record

Application Materials:

Eligibility requirement as mentioned by eligibility certificate regulations of Medical Council of India
Higher secondary certificate with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as subjects
Passport copy
Date of birth certificate
Complete application form

Please check with your competent authorities or contact us for further information.